Opinión: Puerto Rico’s Mobutu

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As a lover of history, this week reminds me of the Russian revolution. In 1917 during World War I, due to mismanagement and economic collapse, the people rose in revolt. There were many protests that were met by cossacks with whips and rifles, shooting and breaking up protests. In February 1917 a protest by women demanding bread caused the cossacks to side with the crowd, and the soldiers to refuse to fire on the protesters. The legislature asked the tsar to abdicate, which he did when he found out he had no support from the army and navy. The democratic government that followed was toppled by the bolsheviks in October and led to 70 years of communism and Cold War. 

This week has shown the Puerto Rican people not to be submissive anymore, and rising with one voice to oppose the moral and financial corruption of the Rossello administration. The governor has no grip on reality, he didn’t have it before and has completely lost whatever modicum he had. In his mind he can tell people anything and they believe him. In his own words “we make fools even of our followers.” 

Ricky is more like Mobutu, who refused to relinquish power and had to live in boat because he didn’t trust even his closest advisors as the end neared. The story in Zaire is eerily reminiscent of Puerto Rico: Zaire experienced more than corruption–many countries suffer that. It saw the systematic theft of the state, from top to bottom. Politicians and officials of every rank have gobbled up the institutions of government until they resemble wooden pillars devoured by termites: the gentlest push makes them collapse in a cloud of dust. Mr Kabila [opposition] has done the pushing, and his army is swelling and spreading amid the ruins. The country is his for the taking. 

Let’s hope our legislators act like the Russian Imperial Duma and get ricky to resign.